• Your best life isn't behind a screen


Out of sight, out of mind

Pombox is a smartphone lockbox to help you remove your smartphone and focus on what's important.

Because self-control doesn't always work


Pombox was designed to make it easy to stay off your smartphone.

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Humans aren't meant to be constantly wired

Pombox helps you;

📝  increase focus 

😴  sleep better & longer 

✌️  end addictive behavior 

😘  improve relationships 

😄  reduce anxiety 

Named after the pomodoro technique

The pomodoro technique is a simple & effective time management framework that helps users break down tasks into time blocks to enhance  focus and productivity.

Pombox is a simple solution for many

Pombox at work

Distractions and procrastination is expensive and rob take away from your best work.

Pombox is perfect for freelancers, engineers, project managers, entrepreneurs, and anyone who wants to get focused and have a competitive edge for their career.

Pombox at home

Parenting in a tech-driven world is hard. Pombox makes it easy to help your family reduce screentime.

Whether having no screens at the kitchen table, during homework time, or before bed - Pombox helps keep the devices locked safely away.

Pombox for students

Created as a study tool, Pombox enhances the learning cycle to help students excel.

Whether it's cramming for a final, writing an important dissertation, or gaining a little more focus during routine homework assignments - Pombox helps keep your focus on academic excellence.