Pombox - The Minimalist Timed Smartphone Lockbox

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Pombox is a smartphone lockbox that helps you put your phone away and focus on what's important.

Utilizing a simple locking mechanism, Pombox is an easy & effective way to temporarily disconnect from your cell phone and other devices.

If you love the focus, clarity, and peace of mind from temporarily being away from your smartphone, then you will love Pombox. 

Pombox is great for;

  • families who want to reduce screentime and spend more time together. 
  • working professionals and freelancers who want to be more productive and focused.
  • individuals who have trouble sleeping because of late night phone use. 
  • students who want to have a distraction-free environment to study. 
  • parents who want a fair way to put limits on their kids phone usage. 
  • individuals who struggle with mental health disorders (anxiety, depression, insomnia, etc.) that results from prolonged screentime.


Zero risk, 30-day money back guarantee

Test & try it out. If there's any reason you don't love it, we will fully refund your purchase + shipping.


Pombox Standard Features:




Technnical Specifications:

Min brightness: 1,000 lumens

Max brightness: 10,000 lumens

Material: Stained Baltic Birch

Size: 8" wide x 8" deep x 6" tall

Weight: 1.7 lbs


Wall Plug: Type A (U.S.)

6 Watt External AC Power Adapter (100-240V, UL Certified)

Cord Length: 6 ft





Worried about having your phone locked up when you need it? That's why we created two locking modes - Soft Lock mode and Hard Lock mode. 

Soft lock is allows the user to unlock their Pombox before the timer is up in the case of emergencies. We recommend this feature if you think you'll need to access your phone during the lock period.

Hard lock mode means the Pombox is locked for the entire duration of the lock period and cannot be overrided. This mode is preferred for parents putting a child's phone up for bedtime or during periods where intense focus is needed (like cramming for finals).